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Even when educators are exhausted, burned out and questioning their career, they are still passionately committed to children, and devoted to the future those children will create.  I’ve never met an educator who isn’t passionately dedicated to her calling.

I have, however, met many educators who are fading away under the daily pressures of life in school.  There is another way.

If you are DONE sacrificing your health and happiness to prop up a broken system and READY to reclaim your agency and power in the classroom, you’ve found your tribe!

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In-Person Workshops

In person workshops are offered through the Brooklyn Brainery, located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The sessions are 2 hours and cover topics in personal improvement including navigating career change.


  • Friday, September 15th 1:30-5:30pm: How to Start an Online Business that Might Make Money Some Day: A Complete Beginners Boot Camp
    Are you captivated by the idea of running a business in your pajamas? Do you want to take make a direct difference? Have you had the elusive thought, “I wonder if I could start a business and do it myself?”First, let me tell you a story:
    One year ago, Amanda (that’s me) did her first workshop at the Brooklyn Brainery. She had an idea that she could help people unleash their potential, and wanted to figure out how. She asked “I wonder if online might be a good way to do it?” She also asked
    – “What’s a Facebook ad?”
    – “Why can’t I help everyone?”
    – “Is the same as”
    – “Why do I need to have an email list?”Amanda was a complete beginner, and it was a crazy year. Twists, turns, false starts and a lot of coffee all led up to her first real product launch in early June. If only she had a class like this to catapult her from complete beginner to novice!Well, you do! In this four-hour whirlwind, we’ll go from nascent idea to 9 month plan. And you’ll go from curious to knowledgeable of the basics!During our time together we’ll discuss:THE DEEP STUFF
    – the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur (which one do you want to be?)
    – how to discover the problem you are dying to solve
    – niching down and becoming THE expert
    – strengthening your point of view to stand out in a crowded marketplaceTHE PRACTICAL STUFF
    – Websites, Social and Traffic
    – The all important email list
    – Having something to sell
    – Unleashing versus coachingSee you at the boot camp!
  • Friday, October 10th, 1:30-5:30, Designing Life Change Bootcamp
    Come to this 4-hour retreat to think through a change that has been giving you trouble. Have you been wanting to exercise, save money, eat healthier or finally start writing again? In this workshop, we will explore why change is so hard, spend time connecting with your own personal reasons for wanting to make the change and discover what might be standing in your way. You’ll leave with a ton of insight and a concrete step to take in the next week.Eat lunch before you come and grab some coffee on the way- we are going to be thinking hard and having fun! I’m really excited to see you there!


Lets go after your scariest dream

Are you ready to get unstuck and make serious progress?   Every coaching package is custom created to meet the specific needs, goals and timeline of the client.

The results from such targeted and intense support are truly remarkable:

Working with Amanda was an amazing experience– I had been trying to finish a project for over 10 years and after working with Amanda for 3 months, the project was done! She has a style that is both very focused and detail oriented, but also very based in intuition — great combination!  I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to help me through this!”
– Kathleen, coaching client

“Thanks to my work with Amanda, I’ve been able to identify mental road blocks and shift towards a mindset more open to alternate possibilities. She’s helped me understand that I can’t always go full steam and not to feel discouraged.  I’m finding myself acknowledging every step I make towards my vision (even the small ones) and feeling empowered by my actions.”
– Geraldine, workshop attendee and coaching client

I first met Amanda through her Taking Action to Change Your Life workshop. It was one of the most useful, enlightening and inspiring workshop I had been to. I found so much value in it that I decided to take her Nature of Change workshop, which was equally as amazing.

I decided at that point, I wanted to work with Amanda through her coaching on creating more solid financial strategies for a proactive and positive financial future. Through working with Amanda, I completely shifted the way I thought about my finances, through becoming more motivated to track and be aware of my spending habits, to creating financial goals and feeling confident in my financial future. The most important lesson, if I was even to pick only one, was that I learned how to talk about finances with my family and friends, which has opened up a whole world of communication & resources to sustainably continue my financial journey.
– Dorothy, workshop attendee and coaching client

Through Amanda’s coaching, I learned that I needed to learn to set micro-goals that would work for my life. After starting to use Amanda’s methods, I hit my sales goal for the month in the first two weeks! I can’t wait to see how my business will evolve in the months to come!
– Sara, coaching client

Fair warning- My 1:1 coaching time is very limited so I protect it very closely- I  only work with people who are truly ready to do the work! Change requires momentum and hope and intense focus when you’re launching. You should think hard about whether you are ready to do this.

Send me an email to discuss options.

Professional Development for Growing Growth Mindsets in Schools

If you are a principal or director at a school and you want to offer a practical, engaging professional development focused on growing the Growth Mindset in your teachers and students, download this flyer or get in touch!

Feedback from school leaders and teachers have been great:

We deeply valued the professional development that Dr. Crowell provided for our school on growth mindset. The teachers were intently engaged throughout the presentation and expressed their appreciation for her time. “She’s wonderful,” and “I learned so much,” was the consensus of the comments. Even though many teachers walked into the presentation knowing very little about growth mindset, we have already heard a change in the language that they are using with their students. I am sure that we will see a change in the students, too. Dr. Crowell’s knowledge, professionalism, and ability to relate to teachers result in an effective professional development session.
– Jill Goodman Ordynans, PhD, Director

I had the pleasure of attending Amanda Crowell’s “Growth Mindset in Preschool” professional development workshop. This workshop opened my mind to the realization that as a person, and a teacher, a growth mindset and “I think I can” attitude is just as imperative in my own growth as that of my students. Too often I hear myself say “I am not good at that.” My own son always says “I’m not a math person.” We accept this without thinking “if I work hard I will be a math person.” The very next day I chose a book, “How To Catch A Star” because it was such a great example of thinking, patience, persistence, and believing in ones self. Both the children and I are still thinking of ways to reach the stars because of Amanda Crowell’s influence. 
– Laura Yengo-Chillemi, Teacher 

As a Director of three preschools, I am always looking for ways to bring new perspectives and ideas about approaches to early childhood learning and growth to our teachers, and in turn to our children. Amanda’s work around growing growth mindsets from the preschool age fit the bill exactly! Her professional development workshop, incited an engaging, thought-provoking conversation among my teachers on how we in fact perceive ourselves and our capabilities and how this thought process trickles down to the young children we are teaching. Our teachers were eager to start implementing some of the ways that Amanda suggested in order to support the growth mindset in our young learners. Thanks, Amanda, for sharing your work with us!
– Ashley Sobel, Director

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