The powerful peony change method

At the heart of my work is a single truth:

Serious problems feel really “big” to us.  We yearn for an equally big solution– something that will resolve it in a single step.  But this isn’t how real life works.

Though it can feel counter-intuitive, the only real solutions to life’s big problems involve the accumulation of small changes made to the moments of your life.

When I work with a client, the question is never whether they can change. Of course they can.  The critical question that guides our work together is how they’ll go about changing.

Money. Career Change. Dreams.

The Powerful Peony Change method works on any problem.  I’ve seen people transform their financial lives, shift their careers, become athletes and pursue their dreams by taking tiny steps at the next available moment.  But that doesn’t mean that all these concerns are the same.

MONEY. |  I’ve begun work on a course dedicated to using the Powerful Peony change method for personal finance.  The first tool I’ve created is a mindset quiz that will show you exactly which mindset is standing between you and financial freedom. The mini course that follows the quiz provides practical tips for shifting your mindset. Check it out, I think you’ll like it.

CAREER CHANGE. Roughly 65% of the people who come to my workshops badly want to shift their careers.  I’m creating a career change course this summer.  To be part of the in person pilot, check the services page for updates about registration and join the newsletter for updates.

DREAMS. | You can make progress on any dream.  Join me to find out how.

Who am I?

CHANGE COACH | I help my clients make progress on their most intractable problems– in their work and in their lives. By providing workshops and one-on-one coaching, I help people  harness the science of improvement, make progress and get unstuck. I’d love to help you.

WRITER | I write for Quartz about experiences in making change happen. I also post essays and insight here. Read more.

EDUCATOR |  At the Hunter College School of Education, I guide teacher candidates through their first teaching experiences.  As a professional development provider, I help teachers build healthy classrooms rooted in the Growth Mindset, a strong sense of belonging, and a clear articulation of value. As a researcher, I’ve studied how people learn, grow, and change their minds. Contact me to learn more about professional development.

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