Our future depends on our educators; I help them feel more empowered in AND out of the classroom.

I specialize in helping educators re-engage with their calling by resolving their burnout and taking back their power and agency in and out of the classroom.

Serious problems– like feeling burned out on the career you think of as a calling– feel really “big” to us. We yearn for an equally big solution– something that will resolve it in a single step.  But this isn’t how real life works.

Though it can feel counter-intuitive, the real solutions to life’s big problems involve the accumulation of small changes made to the moments of your life.  Those small changes need to be guided by a clear vision about which you are passionate, for sure… but real transformation begins when you start taking action.

When I work with an educator, the question is never whether she can resolve her burnout and reclaim her calling. Of course she can.  The critical question that guides our work together is how she’ll go about changing.

Battling burn out. Setting boundaries. Shifting mindsets.

No one became an educator to be exhausted, run down and miserable… and yet, lots of us feel that way.  We love our students, we believe in the transformative power of education, and yet there’s a little voice in the back of our head saying:

“I’m not sure how much longer I can do this.”

We agree that education is your calling, but you can’t be expected to go on like this indefinitely. I want to help you resolve your burn out, establish boundaries, and shift your mindset so you feel in control again.

RESOLVE YOUR BURN OUT.  Education is your calling, but you are starting to wonder how much longer you can sustain this pace.  Let’s work together to resolve your burnout.

SET BOUNDARIES.  If the status quo is unsustainable you have two options:  set some boundaries and re-establish control, or leave.  No judgment if you need to change context (we can talk about that, too), but that takes time and I want things to get better for you NOW.

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET.  If you want your students to believe they can learn, grow, and transform then you need to believe that YOU can learn, grow, and transform.  It’s VERY COMMON for educators to believe in their students’ unlimited potential while holding very narrow beliefs about their own.

About Amanda Crowell, PhD

I’m an educator passionate about educators- I know that our future depends on educators and so I help them live better in and out of the classroom.

CHANGE COACH | I help educators resolve their burnout, set boundaries and reclaim their calling. By providing workshops, courses and one-on-one coaching, I help teachers harness cutting-edge psychology, the science of improvement and the art of design thinking get unstuck and make progress. I’d love to help you. I also provide professional development to DOE professionals, schools, and teachers about improvement science, motivation, and mindsetsContact me to learn more about professional development.

WRITER | I write for Quartz and around the web about experiences in making change happen in schools and lives.

EDUCATOR |  At the Hunter College School of Education, I guide teacher candidates as they navigate their first experience in urban public schools.  As a professional development provider, I help teachers build healthy classrooms rooted in the Growth Mindset, a strong sense of belonging, and a clear articulation of value. As a researcher, I’ve studied how people learn, grow, and change their minds.

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