Amanda Crowell, PhD.
Cognitive Psychologist and improvement coach determined to help you reach your greatest potential!

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Amanda provides keynotes and workshops packed with engaging stories and practical tips to provide maximum value to your members.

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I've helped hundreds of people take their life back and make unprecedented progress.  You can hear more about my story here. I'd love to be a part of your story.

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"I enjoy the camaraderie of this group tremendously. I wanted to share good news. ... I feel like in choosing 'me' and exploring options, something wonderful landed in my lap. Thank you for the continued support in this wonderful group!” - Leslie, 5th Grade Teacher



I had the pleasure of attending Amanda Crowell’s “Growth Mindset in Preschool” professional development workshop. This workshop opened my mind to the realization that as a person, and a teacher, a growth mindset and “I think I can” attitude is just as imperative in my own growth as that of my students. Too often I hear myself say “I am not good at that.” My own son always says “I’m not a math person.” We accept this without thinking “if I work hard I will be a math person.” The very next day I chose a book, “How To Catch A Star” because it was such a great example of thinking, patience, persistence, and believing in ones self. Both the children and I are still thinking of ways to reach the stars because of Amanda Crowell’s influence. 
– Laura Yengo-Chillemi, Teacher 

Working with Amanda was an amazing experience– I had been trying to finish a project for over 10 years and after working with Amanda for 3 months, the project was done! She has a style that is both very focused and detail oriented, but also very based in intuition — great combination!  I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to help me through this!”
– Kathleen, coaching client