Action Challenge: Make it happen!

Yesterday you thought through your ideal day… is there one of those moments you could get closer to now?  If you enjoyed thinking about having coffee on a veranda in Italy, wouldn’t it be great to make a cup of coffee, get up 15 minutes early and sip it while you run this slideshow?

Step 1: Think about your ideal day.  Choose one moment and give yourself 10 minutes to brainstorm ways that you could get a little closer to it.  Don’t judge the ideas that come to you!  Pick one to try this week.

Step 2:  Make a plan for your moment.  How are you going to pull this off? How do you need to prepare? Who do you need to tell?  Exactly when is this going to go down?  Exactly where?  Is anyone going to be with you?  How will you introduce the idea to them. The plan should walk through all of these essential details!

Step 3: Ask and Listen. Think about your plan… bask in your brilliance. Ahhhhh… wait.  Do you hear that little voice?  It’s saying “This is never going to work.” Ask it why… and then adjust the plan.  If your voice says “You’ll never get up 15 minutes early” counter with “I will if I go to bed half an hour earlier!” and adjust the plan.

Step 4. Give it a shot! Nothing goes exactly according to plan, ever.  Even the planningest planners in planland (the Army) admit “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” And that’s fine.  The point here is simply do something differently!  Find some fun! Take your dreams seriously.  If this little plan doesn’t work, something else will.  Just give it a shot!

Want more?  Join the 2-week vision challenge!

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