The Recharge JumpStart will set you on the path to a Summer of DRAMA-FREE progress without ever feeling overwhelmed.

What is the Recharge JumpStart?

The Recharge JumpStart is a Summer Project Support System where you will:

  • Identify a project that you want to make incredible progress on this summer
  • Dig into your "why" so you can maintain your commitment and make strategic decisions day-by-day
  • Understand exactly where to start and then make steady, confidence building progress all summer long
  • Amanda Crowell, PhD will be by your side every step of the way and our community of teachers wil provide the sounding board you didn't even know you needed 
  • And all of this will happen without you EVER feeling overwhelmed

A little about Amanda

Amanda Crowell, PhD

Amanda Crowell, PhD is a cognitive psychologist and professor at the Hunter College School of Education. She's helped hundreds of educators make drama-free progress in their lives and classrooms. 

Recharge JumpStart Modules

Choose Wisely!

(Released June 19th)

In this first module you will prioritize the projects you have on your plate and choose your focus project.

We wil work through the The Focus-o-meter which will guide you to your focus project.

Why, Why, Why?

(Released June 26th)

In this module, you will work through the Why Manifesto for your focus project and identify the hierarchy of values that drive you towards your project. 

This will help you make smart decisons and keep your motivation high when things get complicated.

Discover EXACTLY what's been getting in your way

(Released July 3rd)

In this module we will dig deep into what has prevented you from making progress thus far, identify the moments that are critical for success and arrive at how we will begin to change them.  

The work we do in this module will culminate in the Change Blueprint which will serve as the backbone for your drama-free progress all summer long!

What people say about working with Amanda

"Through working with Amanda, I completely shifted the way I thought about my finances, through becoming more motivated to track and be aware of my spending habits, to creating financial goals and feeling confident in my financial future." 

— Dorothy

"Thanks to my work with Amanda, I’ve been able to identify mental road blocks and shift towards a mindset more open to alternate possibilities. I’m finding myself acknowledging every step I make towards my vision (even the small ones) and feeling empowered by my actions."

– Geraldine

"Working with Amanda was an amazing experience-- I had been trying to finish a project for over 10 years and after working with Amanda for 3 months, the project was done! She has a style that is both very focused and detail oriented, but also very based in intuition -- great combination!"

— Kathleen

And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way,

 you'll also get access to...



One 30-minute personal coaching calls with Amanda. 

At the heart of any sustainable change is community. This group will be one of the best parts of the program.

If you do the work, but you aren't satisfied, I'll gladly refund your money.

I’ve done everything in my power to create a simple, actionable program that supports you as you make drama-free progress this summer. 

I KNOW it works because it’s the exact same process that I've used to transform my own life and have coached hundreds of educators to do the same in their own lives and classrooms.

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other online coaching programs have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every chance possible to “buy it and try it” with absolute confidence. 

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to get started with the first few modules of the program. You'll have time to do the work, receive the support, and determine for yourself whether this new saner approach to change is for you.

Join the Recharge Summer Institute Today and Get...

The full Recharge Summer Institute Course Module content including:

  • Chooe Wisely! We'll figure out where to start and how to prioritize.
  • Why, why, why? We'll work through the Why Manifesto to keep your motivation high.
  • Discover exactly what's been getting in your way. Creating the Change Blueprint will keep you laser focused and making drama-free change!

The Complete Recharge Bonus package including:

  • One coaching call with Amanda. This Bonus is ONLY AVAILABLE when you enroll during the live webinar.
  • Access to the private, Members Only Facebook Group. At the heart of any sustainable change is community. This group will be one of the best parts of the program.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

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