10 reassuring websites that will double your back to school mojo

Are you feeling overwhelmed about back to school? Here are 10 resources guaranteed to double your mojo for back to school. I came across researching for my own article about overcoming overwhelm. Enjoy!

1. My Non-Instagramable, Non-Themed Classroom…Where My Students Still Succeeded
I loved this guy’s argument that not everyone’s strengths are about creating a Pinterest-worthy classroom!  He focused instead on creating a learning environment that was physically comfortable and then recruited the students to help him decorate. A great article!

My favorite suggestion was to let your kids decorate the classroom!  He says: “Get enough butcher paper so STUDENTS can design posters to put on the walls”

OH! And I loved that idea so much that when I found THIS I had to share it.  Color your own name badge for the door or to hang like a banner in the classroom! Beautiful and fun for the kids. 🙂

Non Instagrammable

2, Back to School Checklist for Teachers
There are SO MANY back-to-school checklists for teachers!  This was one of probably 20 I saw when surfing the teacherwebz. Checklists walk the line between overwhelming and reassuring, depending on your personality.  If you can find a way to use it as reassurance that you aren’t forgetting anything WHILE you reject anything that you just don’t think is important, then they can be good to have on hand.

Sue me


3. Okay Teachers, Here’s Your Real Back-to-School Checklist
Annnnd a checklist we can all get behind. I particularly love number 9 (Enjoy talking without getting interrupted.) and number 11 (Drink actual iced coffee. Not cold coffee because you never got to take a sip of your hot one.)  BONUS! The image is moving in a creepy real-world way. It’s like Harry Potter.


4. How to Survive Education Reform Without Losing Your Job, Your Ideals, or Your Mind
I like this guy’s style. He talks about how to be a teacher in the era of constant, shifting reform. His perspective is that solid teaching will outlive the reforms– and I agree.  I especially agree that the front lines of the war against the standardized test high jacking education are teachers unwilling to displace inquiry and projects with test prep. A good call-to-arms for teachers.

Wonka Expensive Curriculum

5. Teacher wellbeing: how to mentally prepare for a new school year
Good, though vague advice from a psychologist about work-life balance.  The takeaway? We all agree that you need to PROTECT your life outside of school so you can EXTEND your life in the classroom.

Only You

6. Back to School Video from a school in Wisconsin
I loved this video. It made me eager to go back to school, too!

7. The Top 15 Books for Teachers by Brian Sztabnik
This is a great list of books from Brian at Talks With Teachers.  Sometimes remembering why we got into teaching reminds us that we find the subject of teaching and learning to be fascinating.  This is our calling, and we’re in the right place.

I ordered this one:

8. Teachers: Preparing for Your Best Year Ever

Good general advice including  a challenge to connect more deeply with your colleagues, students and parent partners.

9. 7 beliefs about teaching routines that will cause you to lose your mind
This is Angela Watson of the 40 hour teacher workweek’s take on how to get back in the classroom without losing your mind that focuses on identifying negative beliefs and adjusting them. I think there’s some good advice in here and worth a read… once you’ve identified a frustration you have, think about small ways you can tweak your classroom so that the problem is less likely to occur.  It doesn’t usually work to just insist that you think differently.

10. 20 Awe-Inspiring Quotes for Teachers and Parents

Sometimes I find that inspirational quotes get into my head and recharge me!  This list has some REALLY great ones!  If you love them as much as I do, you can download these quotes in a beautiful printable I created here!  Just like this one!


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