10 helpful resources teachers recommend for teachers

Last week I asked our community of teachers what their favorite education resources were, particularly who they think  really “get teachers.”

Here are your top picks in each category!

Top pick for “Sites that GET teachers”

We are teachers

We are teachers.  I linked to one of MANY “teachers are on summer break and it’s awesome!” posts on We Are Teachers.


If you haven’t already spent hours of your life watching and laughing at Eddie B, today is the day! This video is his last day of school video, which made me laugh and laugh. And honestly, it’s just a rabbit hole from there.

Teaching Ideas 

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers.  The link here is to some pretty cute brag bracelets.  I especially like “Hard Worker” and “I am a kind friend.”


Laura Candler on Pinterest. The link is to a growth mindset coloring page.  It’s beautiful and gives a strong message.  Maybe color it yourself this summer!

EdutopiaEdutopia.  I like their infographics a lot. I linked to one about meditation in schools!

Education Policy

Bridging DifferencesBridging the differences. A blog that engages Deborah Meier, a famous progressive educator and Harry Boyte, a critic of progressive education (but a strong advocate of civic education) in written debate, week after week.  The article I linked to is about fostering democracy in the classroom, a favorite topic of Harry Boyte.

Education Next

Education Next. This one is from me! Because I have a strong progressive bent, I try to read the conservative viewpoint as often as I can. Education Next has all the usual conservatives-  Rick Hess, Mike Petrilli, Checker Finn.  When I read these articles, I feel like I get whiplash I go back and forth between grudging agreement and outright disagreement. A helpful sensation when trying to keep the needs of children (not political bias) at the forefront of education policy.

Education related psychology


I think this Mind Shift Blog is AMAZING.  And many of you agree! the articles are well written and insightful. The link is to a blog about how to foster creativity. A great resource!

Culturally responsive teachers

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance. The link is to an article from a teacher who decided to share his political views for the first time this year. It’s thought provoking.


Facing History and OurselvesFacing History and Ourselves. The link is to the educator resources page, where you can find a summer reading list about fostering democracy in your classroom next year.


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