There’s always SOMETHING you can do

Context note: This post was written in the wake of some very sad and serious national news. The world has only gotten more sad and serious, meaning that the message is even more important. 

 You know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words?  There’s another saying from user-centered design that “a prototype is worth a thousand pictures.”  A prototype is a draft. An effort. A model.  A shot.  I learn SO MUCH when I take even an ill-informed, super novice step in the direction of my dreams.

Most importantly, I’m learning infinitely more than when I sit around obsessing about whether or not I could, maybe, someday, do something about my dreams.  My dream is to help people regain some power over their own lives– even when the world is a mess, even when I don’t know what to say, even when my protective reflexes tell me to stay silent and lay low.

Again and again I find that when times are tough the only best thing I can do is one small thing.  I have yet to find a way to turn a tide (I wish I was more proactive) right now. I don’ know how to change a society (Black Lives Matter) right now.  I don’t even know how to solve my own small problems (how can I possibly eat more vegetables) right now. What I can do right now, though, is something.

The human that you have become, in the moment you are currently living is what you have to work with. What are you doing in this moment to create a life you love? To make a difference??

What could you be doing that would prove to yourself and others that:

  1. I take my dreams, my health, and my potential seriously.
  2. I love the people in my life deeply.
  3. I am an active participant in the creation of the world in which I live.

Today I posted the Tuesday lunchtime series post and proved to myself that I can get back on the horse.  Today I’m writing my weekly post and re-committing to what I truly believe is a powerful message. Today I shared with my friend that I worry no one cares about the Power of a Peony and gave my vulnerability the space to heal.  As I did each of them, I felt my power returning.  Oh yeah, I do care about my dream. Oh yeah, I do have something to say. Oh yeah, I AM going to be intentional and proactive and create the life I want to lead.  I hope you will, too.

These are my small things for today. What are yours?  

Wondering how to start?

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